Snuffle Ruffles!


If you have run out of ideas to keep your furry little friend occupied (or are sick of pulling the remnants of the plastic toy you bought from the supermarket only an hour earlier from between their teeth!) then I might have just the thing for your four legged sidekick!

My friend recently started making Snuffle Ruffles! They are thick rubber backed so they stay in place on hard floors and are almost indestructible! I say almost because I don’t think I have come across a single item of clothing, valuable or house ware product which haven’t been destroyed by our loyal companions!

Different coloured felt is entwined around the rubber back – you can pretty much have any colour you want – and the felt leaves little “pockets” on the top which you can then hide their favourite treats in and let them go hunting for them!

It’s best to start off making the treats easy to find and gradually making it harder each time they use it, but it will keep them occupied for ages whilst they try and sniff out the hidden treasures!


There are some similar items out there on the market at the moment but my friend makes these for only £10 each which is brilliant!

Happy Snuffling Lola!