The 12 blogs of Christmas

I can’t actually believe it is December again already! Today marks the one year anniversary since we moved into our beautiful forever home! Where does the time go???

I also can’t believe how disorganised I am this year in comparison with last year! Not only did we move on the 1st December but I successfully completed “Blogmas” and published a blog a day for the whole of December! We also celebrated several family Birthdays, I organised our annual advent calendars (and wrapped 6 lots of 25 advent calendar presents!) and somehow also managed to fit in the most incredible December trip to New York for four days! Last December really was the most magical of months!

Roll on one year and we are far more settled in the new house. It felt like home very early on despite us only getting round to making changes to three of the rooms! Still, there’s not enough time and money to do everything and the three rooms we have nearly finished have been completed to perfection in our eyes which is the most important thing isn’t it! I’m hoping when I’ve got some time off over Christmas to write a blog on each of the rooms to show you the full transformations!

Anyway, this year with so much going on at work and at home I think the best I can do is the Twelve Blogs of Christmas rather than Blogmas – I’m going to aim to do a blog every other day up until the 23rd December – let’s see how I get on!

This month I am hoping to visit the Tamworth Snow Dome to see what it’s all about and I’ve also heard on the grapevine that Blenheim Palace have got a fantastic illuminated Christmas lights trail this year which is receiving rave reviews! I think I will have to go and check it out – I’ve already been to Blenheim Palace twice this year – I love it there it is a truly beautiful place!

Anyway, I hope everyone else’s Christmas planning is going well – I’ve managed to get the Christmas tree up and decorated and all of my favourite decorations and ornaments out of the loft. We decided on buying a false tree this year after many, many years of buying a real one which was a real change (and a big adjustment to make!) We had a real one last year and I was pretty disappointed with how it looked once it was decorated, plus they take up so much space when the branches drop after a couple of days. Last year we had the space for one because the dining room was empty, but now the dining room is fully decorated we had to have a think about the best place to put the tree. We eventually decided on a Royal Blue Spruce from Balsam Hill. The tree is lovely but we were pretty surprised at how small it was when it arrived! It took a lot of getting used to but now it is in its place and fully decorated we were pleased that we chose it.

I also had to buy a lot of other room decorations and lights this year for the new house because, as we moved on the 1st December last year, I didn’t have time to plan and buy any for last Christmas.

I’ve put a day aside tomorrow to write our Christmas cards and break the back of most of the wrapping! I’m going to make up some eggnog and watch some Christmas films (the Christmas Chronicles on Netflix is fantastic if you’ve got it!) and also do some baking if I’ve got time! Every year I intend on making a gingerbread house! I’ve not succeeded so far!! If you fancy a couple of recipes I published last year here are my Christmas Pudding Bon Bons and Christmas Cornflake Wreaths¬†recipes to give a go!

Happy December everyone!

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