Lush Bomb Bomb Bath Bombs

The Lush Christmas range is absolutely HUGE this year! I had to split it over four days of Blogmas last year so I’ve done something similar this year!

As part of the range they have a new type of bath bomb called a “Bomb Bomb” Bath Bomb. They are named this way because they actually comprise of two bath bombs in one and so promise you double the bath time fun!


You can get the Bomb Bomb Bath Bombs in Snowman, Santa and Princess versions!

As I always do with the Christmas range, I ordered one of each to try them out. I just admit I did feel a bit stung by the £9.99 price tag for each Bomb Bomb but didn’t think much more of it, seeing as you are getting two bath bombs in one.


The Santa Bomb Bomb was the first one I used, I was looking forward to using him as I expected him to be quite a spicy, festive scented bath bomb. I was really surprised when I looked at the list of ingredients and saw that it contained bergamot oil, vanilla absolute and cocoa absolute! The website says it is a strawberries and cream type fragrance, but I really didn’t detect this scent. In fact, despite the fact there were two bath bombs in one, I found the scent to be extremely faint and almost non-existent! I’m wondering if anyone else found this?


The second thing I was rather disappointed about was that, again, despite the fact that there were two bath bombs in the water, I didn’t find the water to be particularly moisturising…

Not a good start with this new product I’m afraid! I keep thinking I could have bought nearly three other bath bombs from the Christmas range in exchange for this one…


I had higher hopes for the Snowman Bomb Bomb because it had a much stronger scent than the other two. Probably not very surprising, but Snowman Bomb Bomb has a refreshing minty scent due to its spearmint oil ingredient.

I enjoyed using the Snowman Bomb Bomb far more than the Santa Bomb Bomb and I’m not actually a huge fan of minty scents.


Although I quite enjoyed using it, would I use Snowman Bomb Bomb again? Due to the £9.99 price tag, I doubt it very much I am afraid! I really just don’t think the product is worth the price tag, especially in view of the fact that last year Lush was selling Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bombs for £12 each – and they were absolutely incredible!


The third and final Bomb Bomb of the collection is the Princess Bomb Bomb. Please don’t be put off by my pictures – the Princess Bomb Bomb doesn’t normally look like this but mine was absolutely battered when it arrived in the post! Her face was all crumbled and her little crown had fallen off!

Princess Bomb Bomb is very different from the other two scent wise as it contains ylang ylang oil for sweetness, cedar wood oil which is toning and balancing, benzoin resinoid which is an anti inflammatory, and bergamot oil which is really uplifting.

Although I found the Princess scent to be stronger than Santa, I was still really disappointed at how weak all the scents were considering the size and price of the Bomb Bombs.

Again I also couldn’t understand how such big Bath Bombs weren’t making the bath water particularly moisturising and weren’t leaving my skin anywhere near as soft as some of the other bath bombs from both the Christmas and regular ranges.

I’m pleased I tried them as I always look forward to trying new products from Lush, particularly the Christmas range, but I’m afraid I won’t be purchasing any more of the Christmas Bomb Bomb Bath Bombs! Such a shame….I don’t think we have seen the last of this design though!

Naked Marshmallow Snowman Kits

I’ve been ordering from the Naked Marshmallow Company for a couple of years now, I particularly like their Toasting Marshmallow Kits which are always a real hit at parties and when I’ve given them as gifts.


Last year I bought a couple of their Marshmallow Snowman kits and I promised myself if they released them again this year then I would grab myself some more!

The kits come in a little cardboard gift box and contain flakes of chocolate which you can pour into hot milk to make a lovely hot chocolate drink, a mini whisk to stir the flakes into the milk, and two delicious marshmallow snowmen to place on top of your hot chocolate to melt slowly.


I never used to be a fan of marshmallows until I tried Naked Marshmallows, I promise you once you have tried them you will never go back to buying cheap supermarket marshmallows!

I love to use my snowmen marshmallows in white hot chocolate to give that overall “melted snowman” look, but as it is a vanilla marshmallow it will go with any flavour hot chocolate you choose.


You can order your snowman kits directly from The Naked Marshmallow company or I found them a couple of weeks back lurking in the Selfridges food hall!


Seriously, if you get the chance – grab some whilst you can! If the £8.95 price tag is putting you off a bit then you could risk waiting for their post Christmas sale! I managed to get a couple of kits in the sale last year!

Christmas at the Bush Inn


Hopefully you have already read my post about The Bush Inn and their famous picnic benches! I’ve been four times this year and am already booked to go for a fifth time!

As soon as I had been for the first time back in March for one of the Spring benches, I knew I would have to come back for the Christmas edition! Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint! Here’s what they were serving for this years Christmas picnic bench;

Turkey and Stuffing roll – (hint – the Pig in Blanket is served in a little pot of gravy – pour the left over gravy into your turkey roll, delicious!)

Potato Wedges – lovely and crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle!


Pig in Blanket in a little pot of gravy;


Deep Fried Brie with Cranberry – I love cheese and it doesn’t get any better than when it is deep fried!


And for the sweets section we had;

Home made Mince Pie – Home made ones are the best!


Christmas Tree Brownie – such a simple but effective idea – i will have to try making these at home!


a Home made Gingerbread Man and a Satsuma – you can’t beat home made gingerbread! Plus you need a bit of fruit to level things out!


A Christmas Trifle – trifle isn’t a favourite of mine but this was lovely


Home Made Churros with a Toffee Sauce and a White chocolate Rocky Road Reindeer 


and a lovely mini Hot Chocolate complete with marshmallows!

and a little bottle of cranberry juice to wash it all down with!

Another lovely trip here, I’ve never been disappointed! And for £17.50 per person I think the price is an absolute bargain! If you want to check them out then here is their Facebook page – you can only book the picnic benches by contacting them by telephone but be quick – the picnic benches get booked up really, really quickly!

I can’t wait for our next visit in a couple of weeks!

The 12 blogs of Christmas

I can’t actually believe it is December again already! Today marks the one year anniversary since we moved into our beautiful forever home! Where does the time go???

I also can’t believe how disorganised I am this year in comparison with last year! Not only did we move on the 1st December but I successfully completed “Blogmas” and published a blog a day for the whole of December! We also celebrated several family Birthdays, I organised our annual advent calendars (and wrapped 6 lots of 25 advent calendar presents!) and somehow also managed to fit in the most incredible December trip to New York for four days! Last December really was the most magical of months!

Roll on one year and we are far more settled in the new house. It felt like home very early on despite us only getting round to making changes to three of the rooms! Still, there’s not enough time and money to do everything and the three rooms we have nearly finished have been completed to perfection in our eyes which is the most important thing isn’t it! I’m hoping when I’ve got some time off over Christmas to write a blog on each of the rooms to show you the full transformations!

Anyway, this year with so much going on at work and at home I think the best I can do is the Twelve Blogs of Christmas rather than Blogmas – I’m going to aim to do a blog every other day up until the 23rd December – let’s see how I get on!

This month I am hoping to visit the Tamworth Snow Dome to see what it’s all about and I’ve also heard on the grapevine that Blenheim Palace have got a fantastic illuminated Christmas lights trail this year which is receiving rave reviews! I think I will have to go and check it out – I’ve already been to Blenheim Palace twice this year – I love it there it is a truly beautiful place!

Anyway, I hope everyone else’s Christmas planning is going well – I’ve managed to get the Christmas tree up and decorated and all of my favourite decorations and ornaments out of the loft. We decided on buying a false tree this year after many, many years of buying a real one which was a real change (and a big adjustment to make!) We had a real one last year and I was pretty disappointed with how it looked once it was decorated, plus they take up so much space when the branches drop after a couple of days. Last year we had the space for one because the dining room was empty, but now the dining room is fully decorated we had to have a think about the best place to put the tree. We eventually decided on a Royal Blue Spruce from Balsam Hill. The tree is lovely but we were pretty surprised at how small it was when it arrived! It took a lot of getting used to but now it is in its place and fully decorated we were pleased that we chose it.

I also had to buy a lot of other room decorations and lights this year for the new house because, as we moved on the 1st December last year, I didn’t have time to plan and buy any for last Christmas.

I’ve put a day aside tomorrow to write our Christmas cards and break the back of most of the wrapping! I’m going to make up some eggnog and watch some Christmas films (the Christmas Chronicles on Netflix is fantastic if you’ve got it!) and also do some baking if I’ve got time! Every year I intend on making a gingerbread house! I’ve not succeeded so far!! If you fancy a couple of recipes I published last year here are my Christmas Pudding Bon Bons and Christmas Cornflake Wreaths recipes to give a go!

Happy December everyone!