Planning a Gender Reveal Party

A few months ago some friends of ours found out that they were expecting! I remember asking them whether they were going to find out if it was a boy or a girl or wait for a surprise and I was honoured when they turned around and asked me if I would be willing to organise a gender reveal party for them!


It is a relatively new craze which is one step up from a baby shower. I’ve seen a lot of the gender reveal party photos on Pinterest but I didn’t really understand how the whole thing worked until recently! I could never understand why the parents always looked so surprised when the gender was revealed?? How did they not know? How was the gender of the baby revealed to someone without the parents knowing?

Well, here is what happens…. The parents go along to the scan as er normal and the nurse completes all of her checks to check the health of the baby. When it comes to determining the gender the parents tell the nurse they are having a gender reveal party so she completes the paperwork which reveals the gender and then puts the paperwork into an envelope and seals it for them to hand it over to the party organiser!

Of course there is always a risk with this as the gender cannot be guaranteed. I’ve known people go their whole pregnancy having been told they were expecting a girl and then when it has arrived it has been a boy!

Anyway, I had to set about organising the party as soon as possible as it was arranged for two weeks after they had had the scan. I’m glad they were doing it after the scan as it’s really nerve wracking being the only person in the world knowing what gender the baby was!

We arranged the party at our local pub which has just been renovated and reopened so everything was looking fresh. They were great and really looked after us and even closed off the restaurant so we could have our private party. Not many places offer this nowadays and expect you to either pay a fee to hire the room or to pay for a buffet for all your guests, which is charged per head.

For the decorations I hit good old eBay! I ordered these lovely little pink and blue baby bottles which I filled with blue and pink sweets which I got from Asda (by the way, it is really hard to get hold of blue sweets and they are ALL bubblegum flavoured!).

I bought a “Boy or Girl” tablecloth and these little “Boy or Girl” honeycombe centrepieces. i wanted the centrepieces to be a bit more extravagant so I glued them to plain white plates and then added these pink and blue chewy sweets to them, so people could pick at them whilst they were sat at the tables.



I bought some “Boy or Girl” photo props which I left on each of the tables for people to use when they were taking photos.


I had one main long table in the room which I covered in the bottles of sweets, games and activities. I bought two batches of stickers – one set with Team Boy and one set with Team Girl on.


I also bought this lovely fingerprint tree which comes with a blue ink pad and a pink ink pad. You simply get your guests to choose pink or blue and then to apply their fingerprints to the branches to make the “leaves” on the tree. It was really effective and is something the couple are going to frame to go in the nursery.

I also bought a “Boy or Girl” banner game where the guests choose a pink or blue baby grow and then write suggested baby names onto it and then peg the baby grow onto the banner. There were some interesting names put forward – not all serious ones I hope!

How lovely were these adorable tiny pink and blue baby dummies which I sprinkled all over the games and cake table??? Everyone loved these and I thought they were a great touch and a bit different from the normal table confetti!

I bought a guess the baby food game too! I bought five jars of baby food and then used the labels to cover up the original flavours and people had to guess what flavour each of the jars was! I thought it was a great game but I didn’t get many entrants for the competition! Thinking about it I don’t know whether I would have gone about tasting random jars of baby food either though! Still, it was a good bit of fun!


Throw in some pink and blue plates, serviettes, banners, balloons and matching hanging decorations and you’ve got everything you need for the gender reveal party!

And finally, for the reveal, I had a cake made! The outside was plain white icing with pink and blue decorations and a lovely blue and pink baby shoe sat on top which were also made out of icing. The sponge inside was coloured so that when the parents cut into the cake, the gender would be revealed!

I also bought a confetti cannon from eBay to be released at the same time they cut the cake – this almost worked but the cannon was really stiff so it took us a couple of minutes to set it off which was a bit of a shame! Still, at least it worked in the end!

So, it all went very well and everyone had a great time and i’m pleased to say we are Team Pink on this occasion!



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