Pumpkin Picking!

I made a pact with my Sister last year that we would go pumpkin picking this year after seeing all of the amazing photos on instagram of all the autumnally dressed people stood in the fields of pumpkins!

In the last couple of years there’s also been a real surge in unusual hybrid type pumpkins too! It started with the all white Ghost pumpkins and went onto the adorable miniature Munchkin pumpkins, and now all the pumpkin growers are coming up with all sorts of weird and wonderful looking pumpkins, gourds and squashes!


We looked at some of the places that people had been tagged in on Instagram and decided on visiting Pumpkins R Us, which is around an hours drive away from us.

There’s no fee to get in and there were lots of amazing decorations (including an incredibly scary clown!) to have a look at as you walk around the marquee full of pumpkins.



The selection really was incredible! I had already bought a few pumpkins from the supermarket the week before we had visited so I had only planned on looking but some of them were so unusual looking I just had to give them a home! If you pay a visit, grab a little trolley to wheel all your goodies around – they weigh an absolute tonne!

There was a huge array of different types and colours and sizes (seriously, some were absolutely MASSIVE!), and all of them were reasonably priced.

The only downside we found was that we didn’t actually get to go out to the field to pick the pumpkins, they were already picked and crated up for us. Having said that, it was nice to have the same types all grouped together so you could compare them size wise!

My cart was quite full by the end!

On the way out there was also a little shop you could visit and buy unusual ornaments and decorations and bits for the kids for their night out trick or treating.


We really enjoyed going and it was well-worth the trip – I’m pretty sure we will be paying a returning visit next year and I can see a new annual family tradition developing!


Planning a Gender Reveal Party

A few months ago some friends of ours found out that they were expecting! I remember asking them whether they were going to find out if it was a boy or a girl or wait for a surprise and I was honoured when they turned around and asked me if I would be willing to organise a gender reveal party for them!


It is a relatively new craze which is one step up from a baby shower. I’ve seen a lot of the gender reveal party photos on Pinterest but I didn’t really understand how the whole thing worked until recently! I could never understand why the parents always looked so surprised when the gender was revealed?? How did they not know? How was the gender of the baby revealed to someone without the parents knowing?

Well, here is what happens…. The parents go along to the scan as er normal and the nurse completes all of her checks to check the health of the baby. When it comes to determining the gender the parents tell the nurse they are having a gender reveal party so she completes the paperwork which reveals the gender and then puts the paperwork into an envelope and seals it for them to hand it over to the party organiser!

Of course there is always a risk with this as the gender cannot be guaranteed. I’ve known people go their whole pregnancy having been told they were expecting a girl and then when it has arrived it has been a boy!

Anyway, I had to set about organising the party as soon as possible as it was arranged for two weeks after they had had the scan. I’m glad they were doing it after the scan as it’s really nerve wracking being the only person in the world knowing what gender the baby was!

We arranged the party at our local pub which has just been renovated and reopened so everything was looking fresh. They were great and really looked after us and even closed off the restaurant so we could have our private party. Not many places offer this nowadays and expect you to either pay a fee to hire the room or to pay for a buffet for all your guests, which is charged per head.

For the decorations I hit good old eBay! I ordered these lovely little pink and blue baby bottles which I filled with blue and pink sweets which I got from Asda (by the way, it is really hard to get hold of blue sweets and they are ALL bubblegum flavoured!).

I bought a “Boy or Girl” tablecloth and these little “Boy or Girl” honeycombe centrepieces. i wanted the centrepieces to be a bit more extravagant so I glued them to plain white plates and then added these pink and blue chewy sweets to them, so people could pick at them whilst they were sat at the tables.



I bought some “Boy or Girl” photo props which I left on each of the tables for people to use when they were taking photos.


I had one main long table in the room which I covered in the bottles of sweets, games and activities. I bought two batches of stickers – one set with Team Boy and one set with Team Girl on.


I also bought this lovely fingerprint tree which comes with a blue ink pad and a pink ink pad. You simply get your guests to choose pink or blue and then to apply their fingerprints to the branches to make the “leaves” on the tree. It was really effective and is something the couple are going to frame to go in the nursery.

I also bought a “Boy or Girl” banner game where the guests choose a pink or blue baby grow and then write suggested baby names onto it and then peg the baby grow onto the banner. There were some interesting names put forward – not all serious ones I hope!

How lovely were these adorable tiny pink and blue baby dummies which I sprinkled all over the games and cake table??? Everyone loved these and I thought they were a great touch and a bit different from the normal table confetti!

I bought a guess the baby food game too! I bought five jars of baby food and then used the labels to cover up the original flavours and people had to guess what flavour each of the jars was! I thought it was a great game but I didn’t get many entrants for the competition! Thinking about it I don’t know whether I would have gone about tasting random jars of baby food either though! Still, it was a good bit of fun!


Throw in some pink and blue plates, serviettes, banners, balloons and matching hanging decorations and you’ve got everything you need for the gender reveal party!

And finally, for the reveal, I had a cake made! The outside was plain white icing with pink and blue decorations and a lovely blue and pink baby shoe sat on top which were also made out of icing. The sponge inside was coloured so that when the parents cut into the cake, the gender would be revealed!

I also bought a confetti cannon from eBay to be released at the same time they cut the cake – this almost worked but the cannon was really stiff so it took us a couple of minutes to set it off which was a bit of a shame! Still, at least it worked in the end!

So, it all went very well and everyone had a great time and i’m pleased to say we are Team Pink on this occasion!



Snuffle Ruffles!


If you have run out of ideas to keep your furry little friend occupied (or are sick of pulling the remnants of the plastic toy you bought from the supermarket only an hour earlier from between their teeth!) then I might have just the thing for your four legged sidekick!

My friend recently started making Snuffle Ruffles! They are thick rubber backed so they stay in place on hard floors and are almost indestructible! I say almost because I don’t think I have come across a single item of clothing, valuable or house ware product which haven’t been destroyed by our loyal companions!

Different coloured felt is entwined around the rubber back – you can pretty much have any colour you want – and the felt leaves little “pockets” on the top which you can then hide their favourite treats in and let them go hunting for them!

It’s best to start off making the treats easy to find and gradually making it harder each time they use it, but it will keep them occupied for ages whilst they try and sniff out the hidden treasures!


There are some similar items out there on the market at the moment but my friend makes these for only £10 each which is brilliant!

Happy Snuffling Lola!


The Lush Halloween Collection

I couldn’t wait for this years Lush Halloween collection to be released! Last years collection was brilliant and I fell in love with some of the returning classics. I just hoped that some of my favourites would be returning this year as well!


When the collection was announced I was surprised at how small it was compared to some previous years. I found out shortly afterwards that this was probably because Lush were putting far more resource into their HUGE Christmas range, which was being released only two weeks later!

Anyway, here is the down low with this years selection of spooky soaks!

I reviewed the Bewitched bubble bar as part of last years Lush Halloween collection and I really loved it so I’m pleased it has returned this year!


Bewitched produces mounds of lovely fluffy bubbles and a deep, dark black bath water! But fear not, it doesn’t leave any black rims or stains on the bath tub after use!

It contains blackberry, bergamot and frankincense oils and is one of the nicest smells I have come across in a bubble bar. The oils make the water incredibly moisturising and once I was in the bath I really didn’t want to get out!

The Eyeball bath bomb is new for this year and is a great design – I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before!


Although the design is great I was really surprised about the scent –  it contains lavender oil, Brazilian orange oil, rose absolute and ylang ylang oil. I love lavender and orange scents but I found the rose absolute to be the most prominent scent.

The scent is really quite floral, which seems rather strange for a product which forms part of the Halloween range, especially when it is something as gory as an eyeball!

I bought three of the Eyeball bath bombs and have used two of them so far, I wasn’t too keen on the scent at first but have found that it’s grown on me since.

One thing I will say about Eyeball bath bomb is that it is fascinating to watch when it is bobbing around in the bath water!

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without my absolute favourite bath bomb, Monsters Ball! 


They are a regular of the Lush Halloween range and so I always stock up on plenty to last me throughout the year! It may be because I have been using some Monsters Ball from last Halloween (and Lush always say you get the best results using their products fresh), but I’ve noticed the ones this year seem to be better than ever! The scent is stronger and the bath art is out of this world!

Monsters Ball contains lime and neroli oil and shares its scent with the Calacas range. It also contains olibanum oil which is great for cleansing as well as softening, healing and hydrating purposes. Just what you need on those cold winter evenings!

Monsters Ball is an amazing bath bomb that I will keep stocking up on year after year – let’s just hope that Lush keep on bringing it back every Halloween!

So this year the Halloween range is actually quite a small range but Lush have focussed most of their efforts on bringing out a new Ectoplasm range. The Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb was part of last years range and to be honest, after a buying a few, I was really disappointed with it. The bath I had bought did not produce much jelly and left hard bath bomb chunks in the bath which just would not dissolve.


When I heard it was coming back again this year I had already decided that I wasn’t going to buy anymore. It was only because I went to Lush in Cheltenham on the day the Halloween range was released and the team did a demo for me that I realised the recipe and design had been far improved this year.


The scent on the new jelly bomb was far stronger and really zesty. This years Ectoplasm also produces far more thicker jelly than last years version and there weren’t any hard lumps left behind like I had experienced with last years.

Ectoplasm contains tangerine oil, grapefruit oil and litsea cubeba oil. The scent is predominantly grapefruit and is absolutely addictive! I’m so pleased I gave it another chance this year and that I also bought the other products from this collection!

Another product from the Ectoplasm range is the Ectoplasm Wash Card. I’ve only used one wash card from Lush so far and this was the Kiss Me Quick wash card which was released as part of the Valentine’s Day collection earlier this year.


To be honest I’m not keen on the whole wash card idea but I thought I would give it a try because I loved the other products which had the Ectoplasm scent.

It is a bit of a strange sensation using a wash card, I felt a bit like I was rubbing a small piece of leather across my skin! The Ectoplasm Wash Card includes fresh apple pulp, tangerine oil, grapefruit oil and litsea cubeba oil. It smells amazing and does leave your skin feeling lovely and soft but I find that the wash cards don’t lather up as much as I would like.

I’m glad I tried a new type of wash card but they aren’t one of my favourite products, sorry!

The product from the new Ectoplasm range I was looking forward to using most was the Ectoplasm Shower Scream! 


Again the scent is incredibly zesty due to its tangerine and grapefruit oils and juices and it also contains fair trade cocoa butter, almond oil and litsea cubeba oil to leave your skin soft and moisturised.


The cream is fluorescent yellow and as soon as I smelt its scent I fell in love with it and bought two massive bottles! I just hope it is here to stay and returns year after year for the Halloween collection!

I’m still not completely sold on the idea of the Naked Lush products (products with no packaging of any sort), but because I loved the Ectoplasm scent, I invested in an Ectoplasm Naked Shower Scream, as I thought I could use it like a soap to complement the jelly bombs.


The first thing I noticed when the Ectoplasm Naked Shower Scream arrived with my order was that it was far softer and more malleable than the other naked products I had used before. I’m not sure why Lush have done this and I think it will make the products slightly easier to us, but I found the product starting to melt after only holding it in my hand for a minute. I can’t see this product is going to last very long if it is held for longer periods under hot running water.

Still, I did enjoy using the product and found that it left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised. The scent was lovely but no where near as strong as the liquid counterparts.  I’m glad I bought it but I won’t be changing the normal shower gels and creams for the Naked products any time soon I’m afraid.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb is another regular to the Lush Halloween collection and is a close second favourite to Monster’s Ball.


Lord of Misrule bath bomb is inspired by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools! It contains black pepper, patchouli oil and vanilla absolute. It has had a bit of a makeover this year and is now a darker all over green colour and had also had a change in recipe which has made the scent stronger and the foam smoother.

It is a very fascinating bath bomb to watch and produces some amazing looking bath art which is really hypnotic to watch. After a lot of green foam, the centre cracks open and out drools a thick, dark red centre. The bath water goes from a light green colour to a dark red colour and the end bath water colour is stunning. The scent is quite strong but not off putting, you can detect the black pepper which gives it a warm and spicy feel, and the scent lingers for a long time after you’ve hopped out of the bath.

Lord of Misrule definitely suits its name – calming green followed by chaotic splashes of red – it is easily another all time favourite!

The fait accompli for Lush this year has to be the Ghost in the Dark Soap! I am absolutely in love with this scent and design! So much so that I bought three of them!


Ghost in the Dark contains lemongrass and bergamot oil which smells so fresh and zesty! It also contains fair trade organic cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil and organic castor oil to leave your skin feeling lovely and soft and moisturised.

This one is a firm favourite which I hope will return year after year! And if all of this isn’t enough for you – this soap GLOWS IN THE DARK!


One thing I found quite unusual about this years Halloween range was the lack of pumpkins! Last year’s range had Pumpkin Bath Bomb, Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar and Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, and this year, only Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar has made a reappearance.


Sparkly pumpkin very much lives up to its name – you get glitter absolutely EVERYWHERE! It is very much autumn in a bubble bar, simply crumble it under running bath water for a lovely orangey glitter coloured water and mounds of soft fluffy bubbles!

Sparkly Pumpkin contains juniper berry oil, lime oil and grapefruit oil and is topped off with a little cinnamon stick for that real autumnal effect! The water is amazingly soft and silky and is just what is required after one of those cold wet days!

I’m glad it made a reappearance this year and have stocked up on a few to keep me going!

I hope you all had a great Halloween – I’m afraid I am one of those really irritating people who, come 1st November, jump straight from Halloween celebrations to Christmas countdowns!