Lush Atmospheres

I am hoping you have all recently read my blog on Lush Shower Bombs! Well, another one of Lush’s new innovative products are Atmosphere’s.

Atmosphere’s are little one use shower gels which are wrapped in a fully degradable seaweed casing. They are sold in packs of four and are wrapped in a little cardboard egg carton to keep them protected. Simply rip open the seaweed layer to use them and the seaweed casing can be disposed of safely either down the plughole or on the compost heap!



Atmosphere’s are rather pricey in my opinion – a box of four for £12 means that each one is costing you £4 a time! This is quite a bit more expensive than their recently released one use Shower Bombs, which are costing around £2.75 a piece.

Here’s what I thought of each of the Atmosphere products;



Joy contains brazilian orange, grapefruit and lemon myrtle scents, with some ginger and black pepper thrown in for good measure. I really liked the scent of this one and it was a really nice “pick me up” scent. The scent is fruity but the ginger and black pepper make it a warming and comfortable scent.



Love again combines spices and fruit in an agave syrup with clove bud oil! The fruity scent is created by the addition of lemongrass oil, orange flower absolute, rose absolute ylang ylang oil and ylang ylang absolute. It is the perfect combination of sugar and spice which is right up my street! I think that Love is probably my favourite out of the selection of four.



The money Atmosphere is a lovely green colour (obviously). It contains zingy lime (one of my favourites), fennel and orris which is a “preparation of the rootstock of an iris” according to Wikipedia! This gives Money its delicate violet scent! I am not a big fan of flowery scents but the lime in Money complimented it very well and gave it a zesty but delicately flowery fragrance. I think this is a very close favourite to the Love Atmosphere.


Let Go

Let Go contains fine sea salt and lavender oil. Lavender goes perfectly with the concept of letting go – after a stressful day at work where you have wanted to kill around 5,000 people and your stress levels and blood pressure are at their highest, the soothing scent of lavender is just what is required to bring you down off the ceiling and “let go” of all of those negative and stressful thoughts!


I am very pleased that I gave the Atmosphere’s a try, and I really like all the scents and love three out of the four. I think it would be great if they did these scents in normal sized shower gels, if they didn’t want to use plastic bottles then maybe even in the Naked Shower gel ranges?

You do get a good helping of product with each Atmosphere, I found the products to be quite “jelly” like, so the best way to use them was to lather them up in a sponge. I found if you used the jelly straight on your skin you would find big chunks breaking off and washing away without getting the chance to use them!


I do still think they are overly expensive for what they are, especially if you end up with a scent that you don’t particularly like! Perhaps Lush should start selling them in a mix and match sort of way, so you have to buy a box of four, but can choose which ever Atmosphere scents you want, rather than having to buy a standard set?

Someone suggested using these as small bubble bars to make lots of bubbly bath water, especially if you like the scent of a particular one. This would certainly allow you to enjoy the scent for far longer rather than watching it wash away down the plughole!

I think they are a great innovative idea, but sorry Lush, I don’t think I’ll be splurging on anymore of these in the near future, not when I can get a good sized bubble bar or bath bomb for almost the same price!

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